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General F.A.Q.s
Q: Would it be possible to tour your facilities?
A: Our doors are always open and we would encourage you or any number of representatives from your company to visit us. Give us a call to set up a tour, or stop by anytime!
Q: Can I receive expediting or WIP reports?
A: We'd be happy to provide you this information. Our manufacturing software can give us the current status of any part or project at anytime.
Q: Can I partially machine my own part and have you provide just one process?
A: No problem. In fact, many of our customers utilize our jig grinding,wire and sinker EDM services on parts that they have machined themselves.
Q: Do you provide heat treatment?
A: We do have in-house atmospheric heat-treating and stress relieving capabilities. We also use a number of different heat-treating vendors that work very closely with us.
Q: Do you provide coating and covering processes?
A: We have established close partnerships with vendors who provide us with electroless nickel, black oxiding, plasma and other exotic coating processes locally and throughout the nation. We have the same partnership with a number of rubber and poly covering vendors.
Q: What is a "not-to-exceed" amount?
A: Because some of our work is for prototype design, our customers can request the work to be quoted based on an amount that we are not to exceed. Upon completion the actual cost will be reviewed and the customer is charged accordingly.
Q: What type of materials can FVTD machine?
A: Since we offer both precision machining along with tool and die capabilities, we have an extensive background in the machining of tool steels, exotic metal alloys, stainless steels, castings, weldments plastics and composites.
Q: Can I have parts manufactured and then assembled together?
A: Your BTD parts can be supplied per individually or we also can provide sub-assembly and assembly service. We can also refurbish your existing assembly by manufacturing replacement parts and rebuilding to your specifications.
Q: What about secure email or encryption?
A: FVTD currently has the ability to secure emails as well as use encryption. We would gladly look at how FVTD can adapt to ensure the level of security you require.
Q: What type of material can you EDM?
A: Any material that conducts electricity.
Q: What diameter wire do you use?
A: .004, .008, .010 and .012 diameter
Q: How wide of a "gap" do you remove?
A: .004 D wire removes .0055 to .006 .008 D wire removes .0095 to .011 .010 D wire removes .0118 to .013 .012 D wire removes .0145 to .018 (The gap varies for different material)
Q: What type of finish do you have when you EDM?
A: With one pass we get a finish of 120RMS and with skim cuts 40 RMS.
Q: What is a skim cut?
A: After we have rough cut the material we lower the power setting to the wire and we take another pass removing less material leaving a better finish.
Quality F.A.Q.s
Q: Can I inspect my part/die/fixture/etc. before it is shipped to me?
A: We'd be happy to schedule a checkout or tryout so that you can verify that the item(s) that you ordered have met your specifications.
Q: Could I have inspection reports sent with my parts?
A: If requested, we can provide material certification and inspection reports with the parts when they are shipped. We will send you the original and keep a copy on file.
Q: Could I have critical dimensions documented and my parts serialized?
A: If requested, we can serialize your parts and include the documentation with your parts when they are shipped. We will send you the original and keep a copy on file.
Q: Will inspection reports be provided?
A: FVTD will typically document 1st-pc inspection for each manufacturing process and a final inspection. These records are maintained on file for seven years. If a customer specifies, we can provide a final inspection document with the part.
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