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Q: What type of material can you EDM?
A: Any material that conducts electricity.
Q: What diameter wire do you use?
A: .004, .008, .010 and .012 diameter
Q: How wide of a "gap" do you remove?
A: .004 D wire removes .0055 to .006 .008 D wire removes .0095 to .011 .010 D wire removes .0118 to .013 .012 D wire removes .0145 to .018 (The gap varies for different material)
Q: What type of finish do you have when you EDM?
A: With one pass we get a finish of 120RMS and with skim cuts 40 RMS.
Q: What is a skim cut?
A: After we have rough cut the material we lower the power setting to the wire and we take another pass removing less material leaving a better finish.
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