About Fox Valley Tool & Die

Uncompromising Quality and Exceptional Service!

Fox Valley Tool & Die, Inc. was founded in 1966 with a primary focus in the design and building of compound and progressive dies for the lawn & garden industry. With the introduction of CNC machining in the early 1970's, we have also evolved into a precision job shop that supplies critical machined components for a range of customers, from Fortune 100 companies to local paper mills. With an attitude of uncompromising quality, problem solving and customer service, we have developed a reputation of meeting and exceeding your most difficult manufacturing challenges. 

The greatest strength of Fox Valley Tool & Die, Inc. is our people. Yes, we do have an extensive array of state of the art, high tech, computerized machinery, but as anyone who has ever cut chips will tell you, "the machine is only as good as the person behind the wheel!" We have high expectations of our people, as they are active participants in the total process. Personnel on CNC equipment are not just machine operators, but are individual job leaders, who are responsible for development of programs and setup design necessary for completing the task. Project managers and CAD personnel have extensive manufacturing experience that you can rely on for technical assistance. Our people take pride in their jobs, from operating sophisticated equipment to packing the finished parts. Everyone knows what goes out the door is a direct representation of all of us!

In the heart of the beautiful Fox River Valley, in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, we have 3 facilities; two production of 65,000 sq. ft. each and one support with a current employment at 175+ people. The Main plant provides precision machining, jig grinding, and wire and sinker edm, while Plant 2 houses our stamping, tool & die, fixture/specialty machine, waterjet, and design engineering departments. Fox Valley Tool & Die, Inc. provides outstanding customer service, high quality precision manufacturing, and fair prices.

If you are interested in partnering with a one-stop shop that can take your project from AutoCAD to Zeiss, contact us by phone, fax, e-mail, or best of all, stop by for a tour. A picture may be worth 1000 words, but a first hand experience is worth at least 1000 pictures. Let us show you what we can do for you.