Fox Valley Tool & Die possesses the latest wire, sinker, and small hole EDM technologies to support the multi-faceted customers that we serve.

The Wire EDM process is used to create accurate profiles with small, fine features, (i.e. corner radii, keyways, dovetails, splines and many others), that are very difficult to produce conventionally. Wire EDM is capable of producing precision die blocks and punches, achieving the required clearances needed to stamp a variety of parts from a range of materials.

Sinker EDM technology compliments the Wire EDM process by expanding the range of service offerings, as the sinker process offers its own unique capabilities. The sinker EDM process excels in producing fine profiles to specified depths that conventional methods cannot produce feasibly.

Small hole EDM facilitates the machining of small holes (.015" - .240" diameter), in a number of conductive materials and material conditions (annealed or full hard).