Spearheading our quality capabilities are our family of CNC jig grinders, capable of producing extremely accurate contours within tenths of a thousand, accommodating your most demanding precision requirements.  Whether grinding critical bearing bores within .0001”, grinding critical cam surfaces used in high speed applications, or maintaining .0002” clearance between cutting punches and dies, jig grinding will deliver the best outcome for our customers most demanding  applications.  Ground surfaces extend the life of the tool/part performance, as the more accurate profiles generates more consistent clearances or better contact, and thus reducing wear.

Part size could be something that fits into the palm of your hand, or in the back of your pick-up truck, precision has no bounds.  The large table gives us more flexibility for larger tool requirements (work envelope of 31” X 51”, 3500# max.), and z-axis stroke of 6.75", and the machines are equipped with the following features:

  • Multi-Sensoric System (MSS), an acoustical feature that facilitates tool diameter and length settings and automatically adjusts for tool wear while operational.

  • Hi-Cut - straight oil grinding increases tool life while reducing production costs.

  • Taper attachment for precision grinding of angles, (16 deg. included or less).

  • Slot Grinding attachment for precision grinding of tapered or straight walled slots on part perimeter/face.

  • Automatic tool changer to accommodate changing between roughing and finishing wheels or to change between standard bore grinding and face grinding.