Fox Valley Tool & Die utilizes an assortment of Mazak vertical machining centers (VMC) from small, high-speed machines that excel in profiling 3-D surfaces to large bridge style machines for your heavy-duty machining needs. Newly added equipment possess smooth controls for faster processing, creating more accurate features with better surface finishes.

Our largest VMC possesses aspects of both classes, coupling high speed machining capabilities with a larger table size, enabling us to machine sizeable 3-D profiles. The diverse group of machines provides outstanding versatility with a large machining envelope and extraordinary table load capacities.

Part sizes can range from something that fits into the palm of your hand, to as large as 5 tons. The actual work envelope of the largest vertical machining center is 55" X 160". Powerful manufacturing software coupled with the latest in tooling technology creates a machine tool that is capable of producing almost anything you need.