Complementing our vast array of wire EDM machines, Fox Valley Tool & Die employs four CNC sinker EDM machines to further broaden our capabilities.

The sinker EDM utilizes electrodes manufactured from a variety of mediums to generate profiles too difficult to produce with conventional machining centers. The rotary spindle, (true position within .001 of a degree), coupled with a tool changer, (16 tool capacity), offers the operator tremendous flexibility in manufacturing a variety of shapes and profiles on a number of different parts.

Integrating a robotic tool changer between two of the sinker machines creates additional tool or workpiece capacity (up to 53 spots), generating more throughput with unmanned operations.  Maximum work piece envelope is 41.30" x 29.90" x 13.80", with a process window of 25.6” x 17.7” x 13.80”.

The sinker EDM is also capable of machining tapped holes into hardened materials, an option sometimes utilized in the product development process.