Purchasing Terms & Conditions                                                                                                                           PUR04 Rev. 01

1. This Fox Valley Tool & Die Inc. (FVTD) order may be accepted on the exact terms and conditions noted on the Purchase Order. The supplier must acknowledge receipt and acceptance of this Purchase Order.

2. FVTD has the right to make changes in this order, but no additional charge will be allowed unless agreed to by FVTD. If changes affect delivery or the amount to be paid, supplier must notify FVTD immediately and negotiate an adjustment.

3. Goods sold are to be shipped according to the instructions on the Purchase Order.

4. Time is of the essence with respect to this order. The specific quantity of goods or services ordered must be received at the ship to address by the due date listed on the purchase order.

5. Supplier shall perform any requirements for design, test, examination, inspection or related instructions for acceptance as specified on the purchase order when provided by FVTD.

6. Supplier shall provide FVTD with requested Inspection and/or Test documentation.

7. Supplier must notify FVTD of any non‐conforming product and arrange approval of the non‐conforming product by FVTD.

8. Supplier must notify FVTD of changes in an authorized controlled product or process.

9. All goods and services upon arrival or performance are subject to FVTD's inspection, and rejection. Goods rejected by FVTD as defective may be returned to supplier at supplier's expense.

10. All FVTD proprietary information must be strictly confidential and used only for the benefit of FVTD. You should assume all information received from FVTD is confidential unless otherwise notified in writing.

11. FVTD will monitor all suppliers’ performance, including but not limited to, on‐time delivery, product quality, communications and attentiveness.