The key process of achieving high quality surface finishes or stringent dimensional requirements is obtained with the use of grinding machines.

Fox Valley Tool & Die has acquired a family of fourteen Okamoto precision surface grinding machines capable of meeting the above-mentioned requirements. Four Okamoto grinding machines are equipped with three fully automated axes, featuring a fully automatic rough/finish and spark out cycle that produces exceptional surface finishes. The remaining ten grinders possess conventional MDI controllers and servo driven wheel positioner, allowing the operator to specify material removal amounts, (as little as .00005"), achieving your strictest dimensional specifications. Work piece envelope of the Okamoto grinders is 24" x 40". 

Complimenting the conventional surface grinders are two Okamoto rotary grinders, specializing is grinding circular parts with great accuracy and exceptional surface finishes

In addition to our jig grinding and surface grinding capabilities, Fox Valley Tool & Die also possesses O.D. grinding resources.  The Tschudin CNC Cylindrical OD/ID grinder capable of grinding parts 20.00" O.D. x 60" long.  Precision OD grinding, ID bore grinding, and precision tapers are easily achieved with the power of this machine.